Patients receive individualized treatment plans designed to encourage maximum recovery and independence under the guidelines of home health.

Our Services
  • Individualized therapeutic treatment plan to achieve the best outcomes in joint ROM and strength
  • Immediate therapy visit (24 hours after discharge) 7 days a week in order to promote mobility and recovery
  • Develop compensatory strategies, encourage progressive ambulation and functional mobility instructions
  • Instructions on assistive device and adaptive equipment to aid in recovery and prevent setback
  • Skilled nursing staff to provide blood thinner management and incision site care and monitoring
  • Pain management education from a multidisciplinary team
  • Intensive balance and strength rehab in order to prevent falls
  • Collaborate with agencies to provide necessary equipment in the home to ensure safety and full recovery (DME, CPM, ramp)
Our Objective
  • Restore patient’s quality of life through rehab-focused treatment plans in order to improve outcome
  • Promote passive/conservative or active range of motion exercise regimen depending on surgical procedure
  • Collaboration with orthopedic surgeon and/or PM&R physician in adhering to protocol specific to physician
  • Prevent unnecessary hospitalization through the application of best standard of practice
  • Education and reinforcement given to patients and care-taker in the areas of symptoms monitoring, medication compliance, and exercise adherence

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