Taking care of a patient with an IV need involves teaching and demonstration. Our goal is for the patient to foster independence. We provide continual education on ways to keep the IV operating safely and effectively for the duration of the medication.

  • Administering of FIRST DOSING and maintenance at home
  • Vascular Access Care and Management: PIV, PICC, IVAD, CVC
  • Administer the following: Amphotericin B, Antibiotic, Antiemetics, IV Electrolytes & Hydration, Ganciclovir, Inotropic Agents, IVIG, PCA Pain Pump, Remicade, Solumedrol, TPN, SFU
  • We collaborate with various IV Infusion companies to ensure the best service, delivery and supply coverage
Our Objective
  • Improve patient outcomes and quality of life
  • Provide an accurate and safe IV delivery system
  • Comply with best practices and Infusion Nursing Standards (INS) in the delivery of IV therapy
  • Assist with safe and timely hospital discharge through collaboration with Home Infusion Pharmacies
  • Collaborate with physician throughout course of infusion in order to prevent unnecessary rehospitalization and improve patient’s quality of life.
  • Education and reinforcement given to patient and care-taker in the areas of administration of IV, symptoms and signs of infection, and compliance

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IV Infusion Program