Our Hospital to Home Bridge program focuses on bridging hospital core measures and disease management to the home setting, providing seamless continuum of care.

Our Services
  • • Bridging hospital core measures and disease process and management in the home setting
  • Implement clinical pathways in a home health care approach in order to provide standardized care plans for achieving desired outcomes and reducing re-hospitalization
  • Core measures: CHF, COPD, Pneumonia, Myocardial Infarction, Post Surgical Complication, and OM
  • Collaborative relationships with other health care providers in the community in order to customize patient’s needs (IV Infusion, DME, Physician House Call) at home.
Our Objective
  • Improve patient outcomes and quality of life
  • Implementation of an evidence-based, condition-specific, and timely care program to empower patients and their caregivers on illness management
  • Assist hospital and other healthcare providers in coordination of patient’s needs for discharging to home setting. Building better interfaces within the community
  • Bridging hospital based core measures to home health based core measures
  • Enhancing patients’s quality of life and reducing negative outcomes such as undue hospital readmission, medication adverse reaction, falls, etc.

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