We provide a comprehensive approach to managing cardiac related diagnoses with collaboration of our team.

Our Services
  • Implementation of cardiac management program for patients at any stage of heart failure
  • Administering of IV Diuretics, home lnotropic Therapies (Milrinone, Dobuta mine, Dopamine), LVAD management, home PT/INR monitoring, Lifevest monitoring
  • Pre and post heart transplant management
  • Collaborative relationships with other health care providers in the community in order to customize patient’s needs (IV Infusion, transplant team, cardiac DME)
Our Objective
  • Improve patient outcomes and quality of life
  • Prevent unnecessary hospitalization through the application of best standard of practice
  • Provide highly clinical and urgent nursing service to assist in reversing cardiac exacerbation
  • Education and reinforcement given to patients and care-taker in the areas of weight, vital sign tracking, symptoms monitoring, nutritional intake, medication compliance, and exercise adherence

Download our Cardiac Program PDF

Cardiac Program